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Bingo meets keno in Match Machine, a beautiful instant win game from R Franco Games that features cogs, pipes and vials filled with bright liquid. Is it your dream to run your own restaurant, pick out the decor, and plan the whole menu? We've got lots of restaurants that need a fresh and hip makeover! The Munchies is a quirky slot game from Genesis Gaming with hungry munchies and tasty snack food. Place your plate to enjoy wilds, free spins and multipliers!

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Today we're going to train you on how to create the perfect pancake! Swedish meatballs are a traditional treat for anyone anywhere! Cook delicious chicken pasta in a brand new game! As Halloween is about to come, it is fitting that you must cook a special Halloween cake to celebrate this great feast in the right spirit. Sometimes reality can get in the way of a solid, down-to-Earth, real world romance. Don't get caught and yo... Pad Thai is a traditional Thai dish, highly appreciated all over the world. Let's make a delicious celebration cake! It's time to make some dangerously hot chili. Do not worry, as you have all the ingredients and instr... Today is game day, and your friends are all coming over to your house to watch the big soccer tournament. Feel free to substitute tofu for meat or add your own southern flair! Learn how to make this delicious meal complete with potato si... Each ingredient needs your tender loving care in this timed and scored competitive food preparation game. But when she's not in school, s. In this cooking game she is going to make some delicious sushi herself. There are a number of trifles that you can make. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. She's a thespian at heart, and with her witty intelligence, she always finds herself at swanky dinner parties.

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Another Top 10 Games That Are Free To Play Kiss a lost sailor and fall in love beneath the waves! Let's bake some valentine cookies and give them! Its a lot of fun to see what crazy things people order! They are also the hungriest! She's making a delicious cake, together with her baby!

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You must follow the recipe of the family to make the best steak taco salad. Burn your family's taste buds with this intensely spicy chili recipe! You will learn how to cook delicious fish! She likes to eat healthy and this is why she chose this business. Prepare and sell as much as you can in this ice cream marathon. He just tipped the table over and all of the hard work putting into tonight's dinner! Kiss for the first time as husband and wife, and ride into... Follow her magic recipe and make delicious pudding and cupcakes for the animals! Feel free to substitute tofu for meat or add your own southern flair! Let's bake some delicious crunchy sugar biscuits in this lovely cooking game! Halloween is over, but there's still a lot of candy leftover! Pick your treats and start dunking it to your fondue mix. She's looking for that perfect wedding dress that is narrow by the neckline to f... Carve up that leftover turkey and create a delicious sandwich with cranberry sauce, gravy, or stuffing for dr... Gather in the kitchen for this Frozen family wedding cake cooking game where you will meet all the members and prepare a delicious and crazy looking masterpiece of flour and sugar. Throw it on a bun and call it fun! In this new title of the popular Delicious series Emily needs your help to renovate her dream house! Want delish ideas for afternoon tea? Hazel and Nancy love to hang out together.

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